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By jeffrock on May 15, 2014


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By hugel on March 28, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #57

Prepping for spring, the RVA Hackathon and a bit of travel, here’s the things that kept us thinking warm thoughts this week.

1) Facebook of the Future: Huge news with Facebook’s acquisition of the most valuable Kickstarter project, the ensuing nerd rage backlash, and now their public plans to bring Internet to the world through solar-powered drones. The Future is “wow” with Facebook.

2) Loopy got a huge boost from Billy Joel on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show as they covered The Lion Sleeps Tonight using the app. Where do we sign up for the Fallon boost?

3) Iconic Graphic Designer (and creator of the Brooklyn Brewery logo) Milton Glaser takes a moment to Critique Modern Beer Art for the New York Times and it’s pretty great.

4) Innovative stock footage provider Dissolve took Kendra Eash’s Generic Brand Video piece on McSweeney’s and set it to generic footage from their collection.

5) Can one further ruin a franchise that already featured a Vanilla Ice in one of their films? Michael Bay may do just that with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but unofficial polling shows that more than 50% of Mobelux “would still see it.”

Until next week…

By hugel on March 21, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #56

The sun finally appears to have returned for good, and after a short departure for a team bowling, we’re about ready to find a deck for Happy Hour, and close out this week the right way.

1) Saturday April 12th 2014, the 3rd Annual RVA Hackathon Lives! Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden will be the perfect host and setting for a day of development. Tickets are on-sale now & users can sign-up as an individual or a team. For those looking to form a team, we’ll have an excuse to do that too, leading up to the event, so stay tuned.

2) Amazing news from Campo Santo on the impending Firewatch which brings some of our favorites together with Panic & Olly Moss into one game and can not possibly come soon enough.

3) We finally got a decent looking entrant into the next-generation of wearables, with these Android Wear devices from Motorola & LG.

4) RIP Ness: An unfortunate outcome to last month’s OpenTable acquisition of Ness is the announcement today that the service will be shuttering on Monday April 21st. Here’s hoping they breath new life into the Open Table platform.

5) I’m sure a fraction of the BitCoin users are relieved with the comical news that "Mt. Gox finds over $100 million of customers’ missing bit coins" in an old wallet..

Until next week…

By hugel on March 7, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #55

Wishing for warmer days, jealous of those in Texas, and dreaming of Ferraris. This week was not so bad. 1) We’re at SXSW: eating tacos, discovering drinks, and taking in as much Austin as we can. To celebrate our trip we helped launch to track the best watering holes and latest drinks happening all week. If you’re down there, we’ll be leaving stickers at our favorite spots, get in touch!.

2) We spent all day Tuesday reviewing Apple CarPlay and debating between Ferraris and Mercedes. Maybe we’ll throw a few Volvos in the mix too.

3) Watch what you say, Jawbone. With Up Coffee, they want to manage Caffeine intake?

4) Wired provides updates from the clone wars with “How to Make a No. 1 App With $99 and Three Hours of Work”. Glad to see they also note how unlikely it is that Flappy Miley will become a goldmine.

5) LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy has a plan to make music in the NYC subway. We wish it would be live before our next NYC trip.

Until next week…

By jeffrock on March 4, 2014

Welcome Ali Croft to the Mobelux Team!

We’re thrilled to announce that Ali Croft has joined the Mobelux design team!

Ali likes to try new recipes, ride her bike, and dream of (or, occasionally visit) faraway lands. When not sitting in front of a computer, she can be found reading a book in a hammock or digging her way through antique malls.

By hugel on February 28, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #54

This week at Mobelux was another busy one where we celebrated Richmond, packed our bags for Texas, and put the finishing touches on a few projects we’ll be launching shortly. 1) A lot of Richmond love this week; Our sponsored United Pixelworkers “Richmond Local 804” t-shirt launched, and promptly sold out a few sizes. Hopefully we’ll see a healthy showing of these at this year’s RVA Hackathon, which we’ll announce very soon.

2) We’re also proud for our RVA peers this week; Plan G, a platform for uniting non-profits with those looking to give back, scored a huge win with a successful campaign with GAP & youthful start-up Knox Payments, was just awarded the Best Enterprise Product at Launch 2014!

3) Never content to leave well-enough alone, our friends at GitHub launched a beta-version of Atom; a “A hackable text editor for the 21st Century”. We’re already finding some helpful packages, but can’t wait for the public launch to really see what we can all build with it.

4) In planning for SXSW, we’ve been doing a good amount of thinking about drinks. We uncovered this gem that encourages whiskey drinking for your health. They should offer printable versions, for making your case to anyone in your life.

5) We’ve got a few people trying to decode Stephen Wolfram’s new Wolfram language. If anyone has tips, please let us know; it looks like we might be done here.

Until next week…

By hugel on February 14, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #53

Apparently this week is all about innovation. So let’s not waste any more time talking about it, and let’s get with it! 1) With all the talk of innovation, it’s only natural to look at those remixing a popular formula with their own spin. Now that Flappy Bird seems to crashed & burned, we tip our hat this week to a few who have taken a new angle at filling the void. Flap MMO, a real-time look at a massive multi-player Flappy Bird course, and the destruction it causes. NY/LA Based Tech/Design Shop HyperHyper launched Hyper Bird, a retro/modern take on the classic; and last but certainly not least, some mad genius at Sesame Street launched Flappy Bert where everyone’s favorite curmudgeon/roommate is guided through a series of tubes with the help of a little bird.

2) The DJ in all of us is once-again satiated with the help of Pacemaker, a simple & clean interface for becoming the next Aoki. With a simple Spotify integration, Pacemaker may be the thing that gets everyone on their feet.

3) We can talk about it at length, or we can turn to the experts at Fast Company, as they rank The Most Innovative Companies & Most Innovative Companies in Advertising for 2014. Shine on, you crazy diamonds!

4) Being the Wes Anderson-philes that we are, we couldn’t get away from anticipating the depth of bonus features crammed into the Criterion Collection Fantastic Mr. Fox Edition including in-depth making-ofs, Roald Dahl features and much much more. Why can’t every director approach an animated feature with such craft?

5) Finally, this week in Innovation is brought to you by ZIMA’s ZLabs, and their Guitar Robot.

Until next week…

By hugel on February 7, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #52

A big week in the wide world of tech this week as some of the world’s best competitors gathered to decide, how does one play Flappy Bird?

1) Sensationalized Sochi hotel concerns aside, it appears that (digital) security also remains scarce for those at The Olympic Games. NBC claims that “All Visitors to Sochi Olympics Immediately Hacked”. Whether it’s all greatly sensationalized or not remains to be seen, but it sure is fun to watch from afar.

2) Facebook made a big splash with it’s "Paper" this week, an alternate way of browsing your news feed and it certainly got people in the tech community talking; whether it be the infringement on FiftyThree’s Paper, the poor UX of the results or the prototyping tool Origami, they used to make it; it was the topic of a lot of chatter.

3) The Department of Transportation made a key announcement this week in that it will begin allowing Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Technology for Light Vehicles. My car to your car “Get off my tail!”

4) Criminal headline: “Flappy Bird collects $50K per day in ad revenue”.

5) Related - Tumblr of the day: “I Want A [flappybird/candy crush/Fruit Ninja] Clone”. So much sadness…

Until next week…

By hugel on January 31, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #51

While some of the country dig out from a surprise snowstorm, we spent this week digging into some of the Internet’s surprise news. 1) The world of Google had a busy week; Build with Chrome allows you to recreate your favorite Lego creations digitally, that sinking ship that was Motorola, finally has a new home at Lenovo & Google Glass is finally coming to market.

2) There’s already a carbon fiber 3D Printer? What’s next a 3D printed pizza??? Oh.

3) TMNT rumors have us concerned about the death of another franchise, but maybe it’s not too late to turn it all around.

4) Our kindred spirits at Betaworks have a new project, Blend, a platform for sharing & collaborating on music tracks. We’re gonna dust off some of our equipment and start collaborating.

5) Peek Calendar App looks cool, but we’re afraid those gestures may be a little bit too discoverable to replace any of the current, frustrating calendar solutions.

Peek Calendar from Square Mountains on Vimeo.

Until next week…

By hugel on January 24, 2014

This Week @Mobelux #50

The roads may still be icy and pipes are freezing, but we’re navigating a tricky start to 2014 this week on our way to a warm & prosperous new year.

1) After years of hoping and praying on our part and denying on their part, Nintendo finally hints that they’ll “consider” bringing their vast library of games to the world of smartphones. Spurned by disappointing Wii U sales no doubt, we’ll be stoked to finally have Mario & Link in our pockets.

2)The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is developing two larger iPhone Models. The purists among us shuttered (in addition to the designers who may need to support multiple screen-sizes), but combined with the news above, maybe we need to begin embracing the phablet world.

3) Squarespace setoff a huge debate by debuting their new product, Logo, which with it’s simple interface and pre-made icons, insinuated that anyone could design their own logo. Our designers were too busy branding everything in the office to weigh in on the debate.

4) Our hometown peers CarMax scored the first win of the Super Bowl ads, not only with one humorous spot, but a second version, recreated with puppies. One way or another, they’ll get their slow-clap.

5) It’s Friday, let’s let a Marissa Mayer laugh compilation take us into the weekend.

Until Next Week…

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